New version of GUI for CalculiX is here (11/28/13)

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CalculiX Portable for Linux (made with caelinux2013)
and beta version of CalculiX Launcher :

CalculiXForWin samples in one archive (the same link above)

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Updated Converter GMSH (classical) INP > CCX INP - added 11/30/13

Some free converters (September 2013)
by dip28
by prool

Get The 1st Version of CalculiX 2.5/32bit With Graphical User Interface (GUI):

# MD5 checksum  ( is
bec054c0ee78f0775433ebe6f16b7607 *

If you want to use 64 bit or newer version, you can change CCX executable with free version. New 64 bit versions can have troubles, you can use the old stable realize from here
Download and install it with desirable options. Go to the program folder and find ccx.exe
You can't replace CGX executable !
CalculiXForWin supports:
1. Units and default material;
2. Fast dealing with groups
3. Applying boundary conditions and step options via interface.
and much more...
Check latest versions and updates at

Steel Joint (2.5'' pipe+2 gussets) calculated for bending moment
Zip file with input data and description

Steel Frame (Shell Elements): Static, Buckling

Get archive:

Steel Cupola / Static

Get archive:

Steel Oval Tank /Static Analysis

Zip archive:

CalculiX Pressure Vessel /Static Analysis

This example is based on published article.
Zip archive with INP files and description is here:
The pictures  are shown below:

Steel Frame in CalculiX /Static

Get the archive with files here: