Fatigue With CalculiX

CalculiX allows you to calculate structures and machined parts with plastic deformation.
You may use Ramberg–Osgood law with *DEFORMATION PLASTICITY 
card. In this case you don't need to define elastic properties separately.

The Ramberg–Osgood is typical equation to describe the non linear relationship between stress and strain—that is, the stress–strain curve—in materials near their yield points. It is especially useful for metals that harden with plastic deformation.

You can use it to calculate total (elastic+plastic) strain for fatigue with Strain-Life Analysis.
In this case you can avoid of using Neuber's correction (approximate and conservative dependency for getting plastic results based on elastic solution)
In this case (with using CalculiX) you don't need to take into account Stress Concentration Factor, only Surface Finish make sense for calculation, based on total strain.

For more information, read

Also you may use Libre-Office spreadsheet here (macros should be allowed for getting number of cycles. To make it work, go to Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Security>MacroSecurity and setup "Medium Level" and then re-run Libre-Office again)


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