Current version of CalculiX Launcher is here

 Old Links:

CalculiX Portable for Linux (made with caelinux2013)
and beta version of CalculiX Launcher :

CalculiXForWin samples in one archive (the same link above)


Updated Converter GMSH (classical) INP > CCX INP - added 11/30/13

Some free converters (September 2013)
by dip28
by prool

Get The 1st Version of CalculiX 2.5/32bit With Graphical User Interface (GUI):

# MD5 checksum  ( is
bec054c0ee78f0775433ebe6f16b7607 *

If you want to use 64 bit or newer version, you can change CCX executable with free version. New 64 bit versions can have troubles, you can use the old stable realize from here
Download and install it with desirable options. Go to the program folder and find ccx.exe
You can't replace CGX executable !
CalculiXForWin supports:
1. Units and default material;
2. Fast dealing with groups
3. Applying boundary conditions and step options via interface.
and much more...

Check latest versions and updates at


  1. Hi,
    Thank for your post.
    I will upload my inp file.
    In my case the first mode what i get from Abaqus and Calculix are entirely different

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  5. Amazing work. this calculix louncher. free the mecanical engineer of the monopoliy of overpriced Proprietary software like ansys or simens.

    1. This is not 100% true. If you need to solve little problem, that is not typical for you (for example thermal analysis at structural engineering) - you don't need to buy full Ansys or Nastran for that (which can be more expensive than you current order). But if you're doing structural work every day - you will need professional software. Free software is the supplement and not a replacement

  6. there is more, if programming becomes like pharmacy today, its bad. some one has a problem and want to do some engineering and he can only go to the software companies which sell at high prices, that is bad. think about, poor country's where a engineer wants to solve complex problems.
    And also copying data doesn't cost, so why do those company's do ask ridiculous prices.
    PS: last video of ball and plate. super! want to try it my self

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