CalculiX Launcher v2 (outdated, storage for links)

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This is outdated version, please don't use it!

Stable (old) version of CalculiX Launcher for Ubuntu (CalculiX CCX 2.8p2+2.9 MT, with Mohr Coulomb user model for testing). You may obtain it here:

Launcher-02 for Linux (Ubuntu tested) 64 bit
@Google Drive:

@Yandex Drive:

Launcher-02 for Linux (Ubuntu tested) 32 bit
@Google Drive:
@Yandex Drive:



Patches (linux only) for Launcher v2 to get some new functions of Launcher v3 beta (current full version of Launcher 3 is here)

Changes: CCX2.10+CCX2.8p2, CCX Wizard


 Launcher-02 for Windows 32-64 bit.
@Google Drive:

@Yandex Drive:



Salome-MECA 64-bit for Linux can be downloaded here:
md5sum A78EAE0B1937F06CED8E7F570B05F94B
tgz with Linux run file (just ./run it to install)

Salome-MECA 2013-1 32 bit for Linux
md5sum c64a303e33607cb376dd21e95ed8057c
Salome for Windows (64 bit)
md5sum 5A1B19A27905AE540DD4731500A31FE3
Windows exe archive (just unzip it to C:\ and run salome_run.bat file)

Read more about Salome at here.

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