Calculix Launcher

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CalculiX Launcher v32 is the free collection of portable software for Linux and Windows. It is mostly oriented to work with Salome-Platform

Download links (current development version):

Google Drive (Launcher)

Yandex Drive:
For outdated Firefox:
(To download file from Yandex Drive, select archive, you need, and push inverted arrow)

Stable and development versions: 

There are four packages:
for Linux (Ubuntu tested) 64 bit
for Linux (Ubuntu tested) 32 bit 
for Windows 32 bit.
for Windows 64 bit.

Linux packages are portable - you may need to install xterm (if no) and allow executing all binaries in /bin sub-folder. CCX is statically linked (will run on kernel), for GMSH and CGX some very basic libraries are required (GTK2 and opengl).
Windows packages are limited (wizard is not available). Read here how to get started in case, if you're windows user. Also you may install linux under virtalbox for windows.

Installation and usage at Linux (videos).


Latest Salome-MECA 64-bit for Linux can be downloaded here:

tgz with Linux run files (just ./run it from console to install)

Other Links:

Google Drive (Salome)

NOTE: Newer Windows versions may not run sometimes, due to lack of some dll files. Use older version of Salome, if so. Or better, install Linux on external drive or under Virtualbox.
Read more about Salome at here.
License information at here...


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  2. Hi calculix09
    The tie contact ask the 'K' value and friction co efficient


  3. Thanks for the great tool, and thanks for all of the fantastic youtube videos. I'm wondering if you have any words of wisdom for someone attempting to simulate a tube-frame car crashing into a wall. Id like to move the car into the wall at some inital velocity and somehow record the acceleration on some points of the sturcture as it deforms. Want to make a video on that? :)

  4. hello there, I'm a new ubuntu user, can you help me instaling calculiX in ubuntu? thanks

  5. Is there a way to implement calculix extras as posted in

    so we can get results exported to a vtk file