CalculiX CGX as Postprocessor

Main CGX cards (Post-processing)
(type commands when CalculiX GraphiX window is active

Use min/max cards to investigate stress distribution
For example max 250000000 will show areas with red color
where stress is > 250000000

Picture above shows Von-Mises stress in the beam, where max. stress value is 83700 psi (US inits) is very localized
Let's type max 50000
Now you can see red areas with stress>50,000 psi (from stress concentration and at the tip of beam where concentrated load is applied)

'scal' ['s'|'v'|'d'] [<value>]

This keyword is used to scale the graphic presentation of values but no values of entities.

scal d 10.
will scale the deformed shape by a factor of 10.

To see this picture, you should select GGX menu:
 Viewing>>Toggle Add-Displacement
Read CGX documentation for more information!


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